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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hume's Still Alive And Kicking

Did some birding today. My first port of call was Littlesea, The Fleet. Spring tides meant lots of mud and lots of birds. The area was smothered in Mediterranean Gulls, but really not much of note other than 8 Little Grebes, which was a good count for there, plus a flock of Dunlin and some Grey Plovers. A single Golden Plover flew over the fields that harboured 19 Lapwing. The Hume's Warbler, Richard's Pipit and Black Redstart were all still present.

Popped into Radipole afterwards, with nothing but a Kingfisher for my efforts. Then after a brief look at Lodmoor from the car park, which produced nothing, it was back to Radipole, where on my arrival, a 1st-winter Scandinavian Herring Gull flew past me and headed off towards Weymouth Harbour, and where was my camera? On the bloody passenger seat of my car. BUGGER!!!

Photos from Littlesea, The Fleet.

 One of the Lapwings. Stunning birds me thinks.

 After hearing it call, this was all I got of the Hume's Warbler. A thorough search failed to relocate it. This bird has attracted a constant stream of admirers this winter. This remarkable bird should be wintering in India. Good to see it's still alive and well.

 It seemed there was a swarm of Mediterranean Gulls today. The commonest gull at this site today.

 Like the Hume's Warbler, the Richard's Pipit didn't perform well for the camera. This bird still doesn't have any adult median coverts yet.

 Incoming! The Black Redstart prepares to land.

Male Stonechat. Another one of yours Ian?

A couple of photos from my first visit to Radipole today.

 Adult Herring Gull. Note the dark eye. Not the first time I've seen this in adult Herring Gulls. This is certainly a trap for the unwary.

A lovely Water Rail.

And what's this I see on the left leg of the infamous Hooded Merganser? Plastic fantastic.

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