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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

DEFRA and Buzzards

Well, you think you've heard it all, then something else comes along to make you mad. DEFRA want to cull Buzzards because of their impact on Pheasant shoots. Well, boo hoo for you rich spoilt aristocracy. There is still more than enough pheasants out there for you idiots to shoot. Pheasants, I might add, that are a non native species that you release just for your sport and that's all it is, is sport. If it were for food, well, you can bloody well farm them, can't you! As for Buzzards, they are a native species that have recovered from the dark days of DDT pesticide use and now have the threat from idiots like you at DEFRA, who now want to cull them because of some rich toffs say so. I know, let's cull the rich toffs and people who work for DEFRA and bathe in their blood. After all, Buzzards have more of a right to live than you flipping idiots. Also, DEFRA's stance doesn't send a very good message, with raptors being increasingly persecuted because of ill founded beliefs.


Humans are a virus, the only cure is extinction!

On a lighter note.

Here is a better appalling record shot of the Black-winged Stilt at Abbotsbury, taken on Saturday.

The Fleet Vs Portland Update

The Fleet = 46 points, with Montagu's Harrier adding to the score.

Portland = 27 points, with Montagu's Harrier and Golden Oriole adding to the score.

Now, this is becoming a habit, Portland sharing The Fleet's birds. It's not on! Not on I tell ya!

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