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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Return Visits

Went back to Lodmoor yesterday evening, to enjoy the stunning White-winged Black Tern once again. With the weather looking ominous, I decided not to take the camera. This I regretted, because I spotted a 1st-summer Arctic Tern and felt it would have been good to get shots of this species, in this plumage. Luckily, Steve Carey was alongside me and started to take some snaps before it flew off. Steve has very kindly supplied me with a photo of the bird to share with you.

Cheers Steve. The 1st-summer Arctic Tern© Steve Carey.

Went back to Lodmoor again this evening and it seems like it's goodbye to the White-winged Black Tern, which flew out to sea this evening and didn't return. It had flown out to sea on a few occasions this evening, but soon came back and I sensed it was probably going to leave. Sure enough, it eventually departed. The images below were taken on one of it's forays out to sea, with the background of a dark grey cloud. Without doubt, this bird will go down as one of the most enjoyable birds of the year.

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Anonymous said...

saved me a trip in the morning...nice pics by the way