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Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Day Out With Friends

Spent the day with Fred and Ashley today. Before picking up Ashley from the train station, Fred and myself checked out Ferrybridge. A lot of waders, but nothing of any great note, but there were some nice photographic opportunities. I liked the reflections and the light was amazing.

A juvenile Dunlin that has just started it's moult into 1st-winter plumage.

My favourite plumage of this species. An exquisite juvenile Sanderling.

After Ferrybridge, it was off to pick up Ashley from the train station and our next destination of Lodmoor. Obviously, our aim was to help Ashley connect with the star bird, the Short-billed Dowitcher. This we duly did, to the delight of Ashley.

Still distant for the camera though.

A few Green Sandpipers and a Garden Warbler were also noted.

Garden Warbler

News that the Monarch was still showing on Portland, meant that I had to pack me passport, that was duly stamped by Fred, grit me teeth and take a ride to that infamous isle. But it was worth it.

Because this male Monarch put on a brilliant performance, much to the delight of the assembled admirers. Shame it was a bit tatty though.

Our route off Portland was delayed by stopping off at Portland Castle to look for a Wood Warbler. We weren't to be disappointed either, because it was a cracker.

A beautiful bird.

We finally made it off of Portland and made our way to Littlesea, on The Fleet. Very quiet here, so one more look at that dowitcher before dropping a very happy Ashley back to the train station and the end of a memorable day.

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