This blog is about my birding exploits, which mainly take place in the Weymouth/Portland area, in Dorset. Will also include stuff from elsewhere, plus some other critters too. Hope you enjoy. All photographs are © Brett Spencer, unless indicated otherwise. The above image is of a Siberian Rubythroat, taken in Holland in 2016.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Blast From The Past (September)

September is an exciting month in Dorset and thinking back I'm sure some of you remember the 1990 Radipole Lake Black Stork, the 1991 Caspian Terns at Radipole lake, The Fleet and Portland,  the 1992 Bobolink which shared the same area with a group of 3 Tawny Pipits on Portland, the Yellow-breasted Buntings of 1993 and 2003 on Portland and the Cliff Swallow on Portland in 2000 that coincided with a memorable passage of Honey Buzzards.

Wryneck at East Bexington in 2003.

An Ortolan Bunting that I found at Tidmoor Cove, The Fleet in 2003. Was a bugger to photograph, as you can see.

A Wryneck at Lodmoor Country Park in 2003.

A terrible photo of a Pectoral Sandpiper at Lodmoor in 2003.

A Red-necked Phalarope at Lodmoor in 2004.

A rather shy Red-backed Shrike at Lodmoor in 2005.

Glossy Ibis outside the reserve centre at Radipole Lake in 2006.

Rose-coloured Starling on Portland in 2008.

Tawny Pipit on Portland in 2008.

Grey Phalarope on Lodmoor in 2008.

A very confiding Sabine's Gull at Lyme Regis in 2008.

The Lyme Regis Sabine's Gull again.

A Grey Phalarope at Lyme Regis in 2008. Sometimes, was in the same field of view as the Sabine's Gull.

A cracking juvenile Woodchat Shrike on Portland in 2008.

A Dotterel at White Nothe in 2008.

A Melodious Warbler in a very autumnal scene on Portland in 2008.

A pale morph juvenile Honey Buzzard that flew over my house in 2008.

A Pectoral Sandpiper at Abbotsbury Swannery in 2008.

Ruddy Shelducks at Radipole Lake in 2009. Where do these bloody things come from?

A Rose-coloured Starling that I found at Littlesea, The Fleet in 2010.

Another personal find. This Wryneck was at Tidmoor Cove, The Fleet in 2010.

Another Wryneck, this one was between West and East Bexington in 2010.

A Glossy Ibis that I found at Modbury Fish Farms in 2010.

The most ridiculous Pectoral Sandpiper that I've ever seen. Frequented a tiny housing estate green surrounded by houses on Portland in 2010.

A wonderfully confiding Lapland Bunting at East Bexington in 2011.

Another Wryneck, I know, but this species epitomises September, for me, more than any other and I love them. This one was at West Bay in 2011.

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