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Friday, 19 October 2012

The Hunters Are Winning

This can not be allowed to continue. The likes of Birdlife International and conservation bodies around the world are failing to protect birds generally. Their way of fighting to protect our migratory birds is through legislative means, sadly this doesn't work anymore. The people in the higher echelons of power don't give a damn about legislation. More often than not, they turn a blind eye. Birds like European Bee-eater  and Turtle Dove (see below) could become a thing of the past if we don't act now.

It's time to start a militarized conservation group. A militia, if you like, that makes the hunters the hunted. The only way to win this war against bird slaughter is to kill the hunters. The birds themselves can't fight back, but we as bird lovers can. Killing a load of hunters isn't going to affect the Human population one bit. Sod political correctness, these hunters have no regard for life, so why should we spare them?

And finally, this American idiot has to die.


Let's see them run when the bullets are coming in their direction. 



Ken Tucker said...

Bet brant tastes even better that dark-bellied, brent. Yum. Can we get them in Tesco?

Seriously, I'm not opposed to sustainable hunting - but what is happening to turtle dove at the moment is extremely worrying. Looks like it could be the next British extinction and although not shot here, British companies take hunters abroad to shoot them elsewhere in the Western Palearctic. Very bad.

Dave Barnes said...

totally agree when we going to start? lets go to the alps next autumn and put a few more italians in boxes!!