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Friday, 18 January 2013

Over Me House

I got home from work just before lunch and as people are well aware, the weather was bloody awful. After having some lunch, I thought I'd do some sky watching from the comfort and warmth of me bedroom to see if anything was on the move, as in previous cold spells, it has produced Ruff of all species. My bedroom looks out upon an industrial estate, but being on a flyway, I do get a good variety of birds going over the house during the year. 

An adult Lesser Black-backed Gull, with snow on the hill behind. Thought I'd show you a bit of snow in this post.

Anyway, back to the main reason for this post and observing cold weather movements from me house.

A trickle of thrushes going over included Redwing.

But, also Song Thrush.

Skylarks on the move.

More Skylarks.

Skylark was definitely the most conspicuous species on the move, with 330 seen in 3 hours of watching. 

Golden Plovers on the move.

A total of 250 Golden Plovers were counted.

Lapwings were in short supply, with just 26 seen.

Also, a single Bullfinch was seen going over.

And finally.

This Rook had some pigmentation issues in it's wings.

Now, I know the photos are crap and I know I said the photos should be of reasonable quality, but I've decided to move the goal posts a little and if you can identify the birds from the pics, then it counts on the photo year list. After all, I will improve on most of them as the year progresses.

So, the 10km square photo year list increases to 45.

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