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Monday, 21 January 2013


An afternoon visit to Littlesea, on The Fleet, was all I could fit in yesterday. The Slavonian Grebe was still present and just singles of Mistle Thrush and Snipe were new in. Less Golden Plovers and more Fieldfares were present to the previous day, and maybe slightly more Lapwings as well.

My 10km square photo year list is now on 51.

A record shot of the Mistle Thrush. It was distant.

Now, the dull flat light at least enabled me to assess colour tones. This was useful when looking at Song Thrushes. The two birds photographed were seen together for direct comparison, and in the field, were conspicuously different in colour tones. The photos, I think, do go some way to portray these differences. 

British Song Thrush T.p. clarkei. Compared to the next bird, it was a darker and warmer brown on the upperparts, especially the crown and with richer buff tones to the ear-coverts, breast and flanks. It also had a less contrasting fore supercilium.

Continental Song Thrush T.p. philomelos. Colder brown upperparts, paler buff ear-coverts, breast and flanks and more contrasting fore supercilium than previous bird. Birds of this type were far more numerous than birds showing characteristics of T.p. clarkei.

British Song Thrush.

Continental Song Thrush.

If anyone has any comments relating to the Song Thrushes I've observed, I'd be very interested to hear from you. Maybe I'm wrong in my assumptions as to their racial identification.

Now, a bit of Golden Plover variation.

The differences between this and the top bird are probably age related. But I haven't got a clue how to age these things.

Check out this insipid thing.

And finally, a couple more pics to finish off the post.



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