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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Brilliant News

I cannot be happier. Today, I was offered a new job, which I accepted of course. So, with the afternoon at my disposal, I did some celebratory birding. This resulted in me bumping into the Iceland Gull at Radipole Lake. It wasn't there for long though, as it soon flew off in the direction of Weymouth Bay. 

2nd-winter Iceland Gull.

Also at Radipole Lake was this interesting 1st-winter Herring Gull.

The bird that interests me is the bird on the left. Compared with the bird on the right, note the fresher looking coverts. Also, note the tertial pattern with oak leaf dark centres and the masked area around the eye.

The bird is in the centre of the image here. Compared with the bird on the left, note the differences in tertial pattern and wear. Also, the fresher wing coverts compared with the left hand bird. Note the under-tail pattern, with pale marbling invading the dark tail band. 

Not the best shot of it flying away here, but you can make out the white tail with a blackish tail band, the latter with white marbling. Also of interest is the solidly dark outer most greater coverts. Though the features on this bird are subtle, I believe this bird is certainly showing characteristics of Scandinavian Herring Gull Larus argentatus argentatus.
 To finish off, a couple of photos from Lodmoor

Little Egret with a fish, that obviously hasn't had as good a day as me. It's pain was short lived you'll be pleased to know and the Little Egret was no doubt quite pleased with itself. There's winners and losers in this game.

Female Green Woodpecker.

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Peter Moore said...

Well done Brett, that's good news. Cheers, Peter.