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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Black Brants And Stuff

Stormy seas greeted me at Chesil Cove this morning. Sadly, I saw bugger all here, it was pants.

This Black Redstart at Chesil Cove was nice though.

Thirsty work with all that salt spray around.

Family party of  Dark-bellied Brent Geese coming into land at Ferrybridge.

And amongst the small gathering of Dark-bellied Brents were 2 Black Brants.

Black Brant number 1. This individual has been returning to The Fleet since 2006. Note the lovely mahogany brown colour on the scapulars and wing coverts. Note in the background, the Dark-bellied has rusty fringes to some of the grey scapulars, this is quite normal at this time of year and how light hits the bird has a lot to do with this. Due to the sheens on the feathers, colouration of the  body plumage of Brent Geese can change markedly.

Due to the sheens on the feathers, note how the appearance changes when it changes angle. Now appearing more black and white.

Note how the neck band changes due to posture. This individual does have a particularly weak neck band.

Here is Black Brant number 2 with it's Dark-bellied relatives. This individual has a much better neck band. This individual has been returning to The Fleet since 2010 at least.

At nearby Radipole Lake, the Garganey was showing well from the visitor centre. Bordered either side by Teal.

And now for something cute, whilst looking in vain for Crossbills.


This baby Sika Deer saw me coming.

So, hid in the long grass by the path. How cute is that? This photo was taken with my phone.

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