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Friday, 4 October 2013

Ropy Record Shots

This week I've still been feeling crap, but news of a Red-backed Shrike at Littlesea, The Fleet, enticed me out after work. Elusive little beggar at times. Everyone who knows me are aware of my soft spot for this excellent site and having never seen this species there, it was a must see.

Although distant, it was certainly a case of happy, happy, joy, joy. Another great find by Paul & Jill Rendell. They've now found 2 Shrikes in 2 years at this site.

Had a couple of things to do in town this afternoon after work, but had sometime to spare later, so decided to go back and see if the Shrike was still there. Almost the first bird I saw though, whilst checking hedgerows for the Shrike, was a Red-breasted Flycatcher. With the Shrike still present but a stones throw away, it was a superb double whammy for this brilliant site. Both birds being viewable from the same spot from Camp Road.

Again it was distant, but this terrible flight shot shows the tail pattern well enough.

Let's hope I get to show you some better pictures soon. Still, I was well pleased with today's find.

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