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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Another Argy

Dave Chown came across this 1st-calendar year Scandinavian Herring Gull at Radipole Lake today. Or, at least, a bird showing characteristics of.

This was a noticeably bulky bird.

Note oak leaf patterned tertials, the greater coverts recalling that of a Great Black-backed Gull, the amount of white fringing to the rest of the wing coverts and finally, the snouty appearance, caused by the shallower sloping forehead compared to L.a. argenteus.

Note on the outer web of P5 there is a dark tip, normally the whole of the outer web is dark on L. a. argenteus. The whiter tail had a narrower black tail band admixed with white. Another feature noted, along with last weeks bird, were the slightly paler pink legs compared with L.a.argenteus.

Argentatus far right and argenteus far left. Note bulk of argentatus, the broader white tips to the secondaries and whiter rump.

Also present was this stunning summer plumaged Continental Cormorant.

Note extent and shape of gular skin and amount of white that surrounds it.

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Dave C said...

Hi Brett,
Nice pics of the bird - much better than mine. Finding photos of pale first-year argentatus isn't easy. Have you got any links to argentatus which resemble this bird, and particulary which match its tertial pattern?