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Friday, 21 February 2014

No Kumlien's, But Glaucous And Little Gulls

Went to West Bexington this afternoon in the hope I might connect with today's Kumlien's Gull seen earlier in the day. It wasn't to be, but an adult Glaucous Gull and up to 15 Little Gulls was ample enough compensation.

This adult Glaucous Gull is a real bruiser and is the third individual I've seen at this site this winter.

At nearby Cogden Beach, Little Gulls have been giving excellent views this week, feeding in fields that had been occupied by last autumns Sabine's Gull. I wasn't to be disappointed and up to 15 were feeding on worms. All were adults, except for 1 1st-year.

Gorgeous birds, but can we have a Ross's please?

Check out the head pattern on this one.

A successful hunting foray is rewarded with a juicy worm.

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Peter Moore said...

Very nice - I struggled a bit with exposure yesterday - almost too sunny! I think I had a 2nd winter there(see blog photo) -certainly a paler underwing but no black markings on upperwing