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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Tricky Ficedula Flycatcher

Thanks to Martin Garner and his excellent Birding Frontiers blog, at Portland Castle, this flycatcher has provoked some discussion as to it's identity. It appears to be a female. But check out that primary patch!

Suddenly we're thinking Collared, but...

I originally was happy that it was a brown male Pied. This has subsequently, and rightly so, been questioned. It is felt that it is a female, though ageing it is somewhat troublesome.

It could still be an extreme variant Pied. Although Collared has been muted, it just doesn't look right to me. A hybrid Pied x Collared is another theory. For now, we'll just have to leave it unidentified.  Interesting bird me thinks.

Take a look here for a much more thorough look at this bird. Thanks again to Martin Garner.

Quite a number of Spotted Flycatchers on Portland today, included this bird at Portland Castle. Seemed to like this perch.

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