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Monday, 5 May 2014


Loads of Pomarine Skuas locally and I managed to see none of them. It was all down to me making wrong decisions, but at least my rare bird finding drought came to an end today, with a fly over Serin over the Bill quarry on Portland.

The day started with me not getting out of bed early and not doing some birding and then, getting a call from Daragh to say he'd found a Black-winged Stilt on Lodmoor. Then, I started getting texts from Paul about Poms going past the Chesil. At that point, my decision should have been to go straight to Portland Bill, but instead, the thought of a Black-winged Stilt was obviously more of a draw to me.

Black-winged Stilt in the bag, cursing myself that if I'd done as planned the night before, this could have been my self found. Still, was very pleased for Daragh who tirelessly works his patch.

I was then aware that Poms were very much on the move, so next stop was the Bill, but despite 4 hours looking, not a sniff of a Pom, even though birds were still going past the Chesil. Still, the good fortune of having a Serin fly over me calling meant that I, at least, was able to add something of note to the day tally. A couple of Arctic Skuas and a single Red-throated Diver was the only seabirds of note that I saw.

Went home to have a cup of tea and a bite to eat. The plan was to go to the Chesil afterwards. The result, was an impressive movement of terns passing, that included 2 Roseate Terns and singles of Great and Arctic Skua. Thanks to Paul, who was further along the beach, for getting us onto the Roseates and Arctic. Again, I was Pomless. Still, the Spring is not over yet, so hopefully will connect and get an image of what has to be one of my favourite birds.

I'll put some photos on me blog tomorrow, as I can't be arsed today. It won't include photos of a Serin though, as I didn't bother to photograph it, but it was seen by two other observers who were stood next to me. Another missed opportunity, although it would have been a shit record shot. Ah well.

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