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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Skuas And Stuff

Got out early this morning and heard the Grasshopper Warbler reeling at Radipole Lake. Just wanted to satisfy my curiosity as this bird had originally been claimed as a Savi's, even though Luke had given me the heads up that it was indeed a Gropper.

Off to the Bill then, to do a short seawatch and then some bush bashing. The seawatch was rather productive, with the best being a flock of 5 Pomarine Skuas. Sadly, they were distant and below are a couple of really crap record shots of 3 of the 5.

3 Great Skuas were the other birds of note.

Another crap record shot. Light was awful. Missed some bits and pieces after I had given up, but it was time to check them bushes.

And it was shit. Plus, the heavens opened and I got a severe drenching.

On the subject of skuas, saw this Arctic Skua off the Chesil yesterday late afternoon.

The record shots have gotten slightly better here.

Now for some other stuff. Well, actually a bit of a catch up with some pics. Don't worry, there are a couple of good pics here. And yes, the rest are crap.

Whimbrel at Portland Bill. The day everyone, bar the lucky few, were dipping on Citrine Wagtail.

Female Broad-bodied Chaser in the Obs garden the same day.

Reed Warbler at Lodmoor last weekend. If only it was a Great.

After work, in the week, have been going to Lodmoor in the hope I might find a good wader. This spring though, has been terrible locally for passage waders and this Lapwing was as good as it got. Man, it was dire.

The best bird of the week on Lodmoor was this White Wagtail on Wednesday evening. As you can see from the photo, it was very distant.

Now, being distant, I did exercise a little caution, because the little image on the little screen on the back of my camera didn't really allow me to make a definite identification, even though I was pretty sure it was one. Anyway, I've just downloaded the images today, and on this shot the grey rump can be seen clearly. Nice one. For once, my gut reaction was right on this bird. I have seen pale female Pieds passed off as Whites, hence my caution.

And finally, a couple of nice Dunlin images from Ferrybridge yesterday. Well, I think they're nice. :-)

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