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Saturday, 31 May 2014

What A Couple Of Days

Well, it started out with the best of intentions, to spend some time with my wife Karen, as I'd not seen much of her yesterday after twitching the Temminck's Stint at Lodmoor after work and then taking a trip down to Devon to see the Ross's Gull at Bowling Green Marsh. Sorry for the shocking images.

Crap record shots of the Temminck's Stint on Lodmoor.

Also, this lovely female Ruff on Lodmoor.

1st-year Ross's Gull. The light was terrible.

Compare the upperwing pattern with the 1st-year Little Gull. I'll let you find the Ross's and Little Gulls in this image. Note the dark secondary band in the Little, lacking in Ross's and the dark on rump of the Ross's.

In this image you can compare the underwing pattern differences.

Okay, crap images, but always a delightful species.

Anyway, back to today. My plans went to the wall when news of 4 Bee-eaters on Portland broke. Karen said to go, which I did and rather unsurprisingly, I dipped. Returned home, only for the Earth shattering news of Britain's third Short-toed Eagle being discovered in Wareham Forest by Paul Morton. And there was a photo. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it. But, I didn't shoot off to look for it, as it had flown. Then I got news of a Rose-coloured Starling at West Bexington, so decided to take a look.

The adult female Rose-coloured Starling.

After all the excitement, got home to chill out. It wasn't long though before the incredulous news was out that the eagle was back. What followed, was the most stressful drive of my life. I needn't have worried, the Short-toed Eagle stayed put, sat in a tree at Morden Bog.

Crappy record shots of the Short-toed Eagle. A British tick for me, and in Dorset. What a bird. Looked great through a scope I might add.

All being well, hope to get better photos of the Short-toed Eagle tomorrow.

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Dave Helliar said...

Pretty stressful drive for me too Brett, but thank god it was still there! One of the most friendly twitches I've been on too :-)