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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Isabelline Shrike

After work this morning, the draw of an Isabelline Shrike at Christchurch Harbour was too much to resist. The bird was on view on arriving, but unfortunately, it was never very cooperative when it came to me taking photos of it, even though it was incredibly obliging. Still, I won't blame the bird, I'll just blame the branches. No, sod it, I'll blame the bird for perching on the wrong branches. 

Aside from the rump/tail area, this bird lacked obvious contrasts, notably the mask lacking contrast with the rest of the head, along with the buff in the malar and flank areas put this bird in the Daurian camp.

Note the black subterminal band in the greater coverts and the slight scaling in the crown, thus confirming that this is a 1st-winter bird.

Must get and do some birding tomorrow and try and find me own goodie.

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