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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Way Forward For Conservation In Britain

Wildlife conservation organisations need to work closely together to still get the funding, like they have from the EU.

The only way to get it through the thick skulls of modern politicians, is to tell them what they want to hear. Tell them -

1. How many paid jobs wildlife conservation supports.

2. How much wildlife conservation contributes to the economy.

3. How important wildlife and the environment is to the mental well being of people.

Has to be in that order. Perhaps then, they will listen. When it comes to the economy, worth highlighting areas where wildlife has the most impact.

Remember, the money from the EU was ours in the first place. We now need our government to direct the same, if not more funding to conservation in the future.

Think positive, please.

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DorsetDipper said...

Excellent post Brett. I think conservationists will have to work hard with the UK government to stop them just doing whatever the agri-business and landowners tell them.